A fresh life’s ambition.


Like all my life’s ambitions, this one is spectacularly unlikely. I want to be the female Richard Castle, only I want to bother the FBI, not the NYPD.  Of course I’m not picky and would settle for the LAPD, or any PD for that matter.




When it first started airing, I rolled my eyes at the advertisements.  A lot.  I thought it was a ridiculous, stupid idea that was sure to tank, but it didn’t, and I kept rolling my eyes and changing the channel.  Inevitably I caught a re-run on TNT and it was then that I knew what my newest and dearest desire was. Never one to shy away from admitting when I’m wrong, I was.

What’s not to love?  One-liners that are actually funny?  A best-selling author who has nothing to do but annoy the living hell out of a really hot NYPD detective?


Suspicious deaths, solving riddles and mysteries, and the occasional book launch party?  Count me in.  You know, if anyone asked, (not likely) and also in the event someday my success could rival Richard Castle’s (more unlikely).


Okay, well.  I should focus on finishing this stupid manuscript instead of Castle daydreams.



3 thoughts on “A fresh life’s ambition.

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I have never watched this show. I am a Bones fan myself. Richard Castle gets on my nerves. I want to say, “Get over her and move on to the next woman…detective…partner…person.” So yeah! 🙂

  2. hey hey hey. the heart wants what the heart wants. he’s in love with her! I think last season ended with a proposal, only I’ve not seen it yet.

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